About Suds Club…

Welcome to Suds Club! A place created to explore the world of beer.  To experience beers and flavors that we may not have known existed.

Drink Local, Taste Global!
Suds Club started in 2008 with a small group on the hunt for great beers.  We are always searching for new styles and flavors from the craft beer world.  Check out the beer list; Rate the beers you’ve had, Try the beers you haven’t and become a member to add the beers that aren’t on the list!

We also have a list of great places to drink as well as find new beers; Breweries, Bars, Restaurants and anywhere else you can think of.  Just like the beer list, rate the places you’ve been, try the places you haven’t & become a member to add places that aren’t on the list!.  Join in and explore the world of beer!

As a Southern California group, we have a bit more of an emphasis on SoCal Breweries.  Helping to grow and educate people on the SoCal and Orange County Beer scene in particular.  Experience your local breweries and support your local beer community, but don’t forget to see what other beers the world has to offer!  Drink Local, Taste Global!

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